UWF Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for an account?

Please sign up online for a student, faculty, or staff account. Once you sign up for an account, please wait 24 hours before your PIN is activated at the XClean building on campus.

How can I get the dry cleaning bags or laundry plastic bags?

- For Dry Cleaners Users: We will drop 1 identified bag at the store on the UWF Main Campus within 72 hours after you have enrolled in the program and made the first drop.

- For Wash and Folder Users: After you have enrolled in the program, just go inside the store and pickup a plastic bag and order form to make your first drop. Afterwards, every time you go to pickup your order don’t forget to get another bag and order form.

Turnaround time to get your order?

Regular orders:
Drop by 4PM Mondays, Pickup after 6PM Thursdays
Drop by 4PM Thursday, Pickup after 6PM Mondays

Special requests, households, rugs, leather and suede
Drop by 4PM Mondays, Pickup after 6PM next Monday

Shoe repair:
After you drop it you’ll receive a call from a qualified shoe repair person to explain the service that needs to be done, how much it is going to cost and when it is going to be ready.

Urgent request?

Place your request on the order form or send a message to us. We’ll try to accommodate your request.


Not all services and prices are shown on the price list. Please feel free to request a quote or write your request on the order form with instructions to us on how to proceed. For example “wait for me to approve the quote”, etc.

How to make a payment?

An invoice will be generated the last day of every month and sent to your email account on file. Please visit the UWF XClean payment page to pay your invoice online. Invoices are due upon receipt.

Garments with stains or previous damage?

Please write on the order form which kind of stain that it is, like: wine, chocolate, stain.
We truly inspect all the incoming garments for stains and damage before starting work on it. We’ll call you asking for authorization to go forward if there is a significant risk of damage to the garment.

Can I drop my bag in another location?

Yes, as long as you send us a message indicating the drop store, your name and write instructions on the order form.

What if I’m not satisfied when I pickup my garment?

You put the garment back in the bag and fill out another order form requesting it to be redone.